Are more fathers becoming custodial parents?

Whether you are planning to end your marriage or you recently split up with your spouse, it is very important to think about custody issues if you have kids. When marriages end, children are affected in many ways and every situation is unique. Sometimes, children spend time with each of their parents, but in some instances kids only live with one parent. Over the years, the number of fathers who have sole custody of their kids has increased.

If you are a father and are worried about your ability to secure custody, it is helpful to look at statistics that shed light on trends regarding custody. Moreover, you should not feel hopeless or assume that is impossible to win a custody dispute.

Reviewing statistics on custodial parents

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, most of the kids who only live with one of their parents live with their moms. However, the number of fathers who have become custodial parents has increased over the years. During 2007, 87% of children lived with their moms. In 2017, 83% of children who only lived with one parent stayed with their moms. During this period, the number of children under age 18 who only lived with one parent also increased.

Reviewing your circumstances during a custody battle

It is important to carefully go over your options if you are preparing for a child custody dispute. From reviewing the factors that courts take into consideration when making custody decisions to safeguarding your relationship with your child and their emotional well-being, there are different factors that you can review to prepare for court and life after divorce.