Can I really get a simple, inexpensive divorce?

We’ve all heard stories about awful, protracted divorces or witnessed a divorce that turned south and got messy and expensive for both spouses. The good news is that not all divorces have to be that way. If you are willing to work with a professional and make amicable divorce your priority, you can have a straightforward divorce that doesn’t deplete all of your assets and motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

For many couples, marriage simply doesn’t work, or they realize that they are not a good fit. Even if you experience a significant amount of conflict with your spouse, the prospect of an amicable divorce can allow each of you to be your best selves in the process and save you both time, money and emotional capital.

Still, divorce is a serious legal matter that requires professional guidance to protect the rights and assets of both parties. With the direction of an experienced divorce mediator, you can address all the issues entailed in a divorce, while keeping things civil.

Divorce is a legal break up, not only an emotional breakup

Unlike breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, a divorce has very real legal implications. In the eyes of the law, your marriage is a business relationship. While you have the right to end an emotional relationship at any time, you cannot simply decide you are no longer married.

When you married your spouse, certain laws applied to both of you and your own assets and liabilities. Furthermore, if you and your spouse have children, then the law maintains pretty specific guidelines on how to respect the rights of both parents and children, such as child support and custody issues.

You and your spouse probably have marital property, which includes both your assets and your liabilities — this means you may have to take on some of your spouse’s debt in a divorce. Also, not all assets have a real dollar value. For instance, if you own a home, it may be difficult for one spouse to keep it if he or she cannot pay the mortgage. Splitting a home can create complicated divisions of value and liability.

A mediator helps you stay fair and amicable

If you want as simple a divorce as possible, and you believe your marriage is capable of dissolving amicably, you still need strong legal guidance. If you and your spouse choose to divorce using easily available legal forms, you may miss important issues that can keep you entangled long after your divorce.

You can avoid all of these problems with the guidance of an experienced mediator. A mediator helps each party reach a compromise where everyone wins and everyone sacrifices fairly. Once mediation concludes, you can rest assured that a judge will approve your settlement agreement, and you and your spouse can move on peacefully.

Get reliable help immediately

The longer you string out the process, the more emotionally draining it can become. If you are ready to move forward with your divorce, do not hesitate to consult with and experienced mediator.

While no divorce is free, mediation allows you to access high-quality legal guidance and potentially save you thousands of dollars over what a traditionally litigated divorce could cost. With proper legal advice, you can stay calm and collected as you walk through this difficult season on the way to fresh start.