Domestic Violence Defense with David Bruno

In this episode of The Divorce Playbook with Frank LaRocca , we welcome guest David Bruno, a Partner at The Bianchi Law Group, and a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. David is a specialist in domestic violence defense and prosecution.

Tune in to this episode as David talks about:

  • Revisions of the NJ Handbook for domestic violence cases
  • What a defense attorney does once there is a restraining order in place
  • The role and importance of recorded documentation during a court case
  • A proposed bill that expands the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act
  • What happens when people use restraining orders improperly
  • What currently falls under SASPA Sexual Assault Survivors Protection Act (SASPA)
  • Why trial experience and matrimonial knowledge is so important in trying domestic violence cases

Dave Bruno is a partner at The Bianchi Law Group, Former Major Crimes Assistant Prosecutor, and National TV Legal Analyst. David handles criminal defense, municipal court, and domestic violence restraining order cases in all twenty-one New Jersey counties and in the District of New Jersey. Dave possesses the tenacity and ability and willingness to go to trial that is the hallmark of The Bianchi Law Group, LLC. His litigation philosophy is that preparation for court and one’s reputation as a lawyer able and willing to go to trial often results in more favorable outcomes for clients.

A former Assistant Prosecutor in the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office and trial defense attorney, David brings to his practice considerable experience both building and defending cases, an asset that proves invaluable when representing his clients. He is certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, one of only approximately 250 out of the more than 98,000 attorneys in New Jersey.

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