Common co-parenting problems

When divorced parents in New Jersey decide to co-parent their children, they are bound to run into numerous arguments. After all, parenting is an emotional endeavor, so if either parent harbors any negative feelings toward their ex, they might inadvertently take it out on the kids.

There are numerous problems divorced parents might run into. To start with, they both might want to spend more time with the children to compensate for time lost as a result of the separation. Alternatively, the kids themselves might feel neglected from either parent, especially if said parent leaves a babysitter to look after the children rather than doing it themselves.

Another set of problems pertains to how the kids are disciplined. For instance, one parent can accuse the other of being too lenient, or the other can ask their ex to ease up and stop being so hard with the kids; at the end of the day, different people are bound to have different parenting styles. An extreme version of this problem is when either parent decides to spoil their kids to the extreme in the hopes of winning them over. On the other hand, the problem can revolve around something specific such as homework when parents differ on when the kids should get their homework done.

Occasionally, the problems that arise are due to one parent interfering too much into the life of the other parent. A case in point is when a parent believes themselves to be the expert and decides to micromanage the other parent. Another common problem is when one parent acts disrespectfully towards the other parent’s family, which can create conflict for the children. At the extreme end of this spectrum, some parents actually bully their ex, intimidating them physically or verbally.

In the event that a parent finds themselves being subjected to threats or violence from their previous partner, said parent might want to reach out to an experienced lawyer to explain to them their legal options. However, a child custody lawyer might also be helpful in solving other non-threatening problems that pop up every day.