Could mediation work for you instead of a court divorce?

If you are on the cusp of a divorce in New Jersey and you don’t agree with your spouse on terms, you may believe that a protracted court-based divorce is inevitable. However, before you prepare yourself for a lengthy trial in family court, consider your options. If there is any hope of compromise between you and your spouse, mediation could be an excellent alternative to a contentious divorce.

Mediation allows you and your spouse to set the terms of your divorce without a trial. Your divorce goes more quickly, with less fighting, than it would if you were headed to court. Choosing mediation can offer a host of potential benefits, such as protecting your children from the worst aspects of a messy divorce.

Mediation works even in divorces with high emotions

Many couples headed to divorce believe that a court battle is the only option. For those who have severe issues, like abuse, that may be true. No matter how angry or hurt you are about the loss of your marriage, mediation could still be an option. You don’t have to like your spouse. You just need to find a workable compromise.

If the thought of arguing in a small room with your ex and several attorneys sounds like a nightmare, mediation can still be an option. Both parties do not need to be present in the same room. Instead, each spouse and respective attorney can have one’s own space, with the mediator moving back and forth between the two, guiding negotiations. It can take a lot of work, but it is possible for you and your ex to compromise on key issues and find solutions that work for everyone involved.

Mediation gives you control of your divorce and future

When you go through the courts for your divorce, everything is in the hands of the judge. Your judge can set the terms for asset division, spousal support and child custody. In a situation like this, both spouses often end up feeling unhappy with the final outcome. While you can take steps to modify a divorce decree after the fact, it makes so much more sense to ensure that things are resolved properly by choosing to set the terms yourself.

With mediation, you can both walk away satisfied with the outcome. Because you each retain your own attorney, you don’t have to worry about failing to stand up for yourself or having someone else take advantage of you. Instead, you can fight for the terms that matter most to you by compromising in other areas. Mediation empowers both spouses to advocate for the best possible outcome to the end of your marriage.