Divorce mediation: How to have a good divorce

As the old song goes, breaking up is hard to do. New Jersey couples who decide that divorce is imminent can go through the divorce process with much less angst utilizing the tools under family law. Some couples might find that divorce mediation can help them to have a more positive experience with something that is not usually pleasant.

Couples can actually consciously choose to have a better experience during the divorce process. Being proactive rather than reactive can help matters enormously. When partners plan for their divorce — set goals, make checklists and review them, and make adjustments — they might find that they are more amenable to reaching a fair settlement with each other. A mediator may also be able to them to agree on some important issues.

Having a good divorce spills over in other areas as well. Children are less likely to be impacted adversely. Former partners may be able to continue to have an amicable relationship after the divorce, co-parenting may be less of a challenge and negotiating a settlement may come easier.

A New Jersey attorney experienced in divorce mediation may be able to help a client to actually have a good divorce experience. Mediation is usually less expensive and less emotionally taxing than a divorce trial. It allows individuals to maintain control over their divorce as opposed to allowing a judge to decide the outcome. The enhanced communication fueled by a mediator may lead to mutually satisfactory resolutions for both parties. Mediation usually has a lower turnaround time whereas the court process could take many months and in some cases, years.