Divorce mediation: January popular month for divorce decisions

The start of the new year means the start of a new living situation for many married couples. January seems to have been labeled as divorce month and New Jersey couples who have made that difficult decision may find it easier to move through the process with the help of divorce mediation. But, why is it that January seems to be the month when divorce filings spike?

Many experts believe that once the holidays are over, some people decide they want to make a fresh start in a new year. Some couples who have been undecided about whether to separate or divorce choose January to finally make that decision — sort of a like a New Year’s resolution. Many couples choose not to put a damper on holiday festivities with news of a possible divorce.

There is no real financial reason a couple would choose January to file for divorce. There are no tax perks, so the reasons, experts believe, are more personal rather than financial for choosing the beginning of the year. Making the decision at the start of a new year may give each person a little more time to prepare for the process and to speak to an attorney to get things underway sooner, rather than later.

New Jersey residents looking at divorce as the solution to their marital woes may wish to seek independent advice from an attorney experienced in the process and who has the tools to be able to help. An attorney will discuss the options available to a client such as divorce mediation. Divorce isn’t necessarily pleasant, but it doesn’t have to be all-out nasty either, since there are ways to end a marriage amicably.