Holiday time parenting in New Jersey after a breakup

While separation and divorce are never easy for a New Jersey family, the difficulties and adjustments can be especially tough during the holidays. However, if parents can keep the children’s best interests in mind, everyone could have a much more enjoyable holiday season.

It’s important for parents to formulate a holiday plan together and realize that while changes to the usual routines are inevitable, it is possible for the situation to work out well for everyone concerned. The hardest part may be setting aside ill feelings toward a former spouse. Child custody issues and other aspects of divorce can cause very real struggles within families, but it is important to the kids that they get to spend time with both households during the holidays. Some parents might seek emotional support for themselves from trusted family members, friends or therapists to help cope with holiday difficulties.

To make the holiday season go by easier, parents could coordinate a clear schedule that works for everyone and let the kids in on the plan too. There may be new ideas and fun traditions that occur, which might help ease the tensions that come with divorce and effective parenting. To further ward off holiday stress, parents decide ahead of time about things like transportation issues. Above all, it’s important to remain positive about holiday situations so the children can have a good time and make good memories with both parents.

During the child custody proceedings of a divorce, holiday schedules may be defined. If parents can work out some of the logistics well in advance, it might serve to make things easier and more enjoyable for everyone. A divorce attorney who deals with these situations on a regular basis might offer advice and help families formulate reasonable holiday agreements.