How will divorce impact my health insurance?

Without a doubt, the process of divorce is very complex and stressful for all parties involved. If you’re going through a divorce, there’s so many things you need to think about, such as child support and separation of assets. One thing that you may be neglecting to think about is health insurance. Here is some information about how you can expect divorce to impact your health insurance coverage.

How will divorce affect my health insurance?

If your job provides you with health insurance or you pay for your own policy, the divorce process will not affect your health insurance. However, if you are insured under the health insurance plan of your spouse, you will need to obtain a new health insurance plan.

How long do I have to take action?

Many insurance companies provide policyholders with a window of time to report any changes. Usually, this window of time is 30 days. Therefore, if you’re in the process of getting divorced, you can wait some time before you notify your spouse’s insurance company. This window of time will help ensure that you won’t have a lapse in health insurance coverage.

Why should I consider legal separation for now?

You may want to consider legal separation as a temporary alternative if you’re struggling to sort out your health insurance situation. If you get a legal separation, you will remain married. Therefore, you will still be covered by your spouse’s health insurance. However, you will be able to arrange property division and child custody. Also, you will be able to live separately from your spouse. Once you’ve resolved the health insurance issue, you can file for divorce.

Of course, a legal separation may mean that you will need to be married to your spouse for longer than expected. However, legal separation should prove to be an excellent compromise unless there is excessive animosity between you and your spouse.

What other insurance options do I have?

If you don’t get health insurance as an employment benefit or you can’t find good coverage, you should consider the Affordable Care Act insurance options. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, you may be able to get inexpensive health insurance coverage. The amount of money you earn is the factor that will influence your eligibility the most. Considering the Affordable Care Act insurance options may be your best option if you want to go through with the divorce as soon as possible.

It can be tricky to resolve the issue of health insurance during the divorce process. To protect your best interests during the divorce process, it is important to consult an experienced family law attorney from LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Patti LLC. Our attorneys can answer your questions and ensure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.