Obtaining visitation during a divorce

When a New Jersey couple decides to get a divorce, determining how to split up time and parental responsibilities can be difficult, especially if the former couple is not able to work together. In some of these cases, the custodial disputes can get ugly and even result in preventing a parent from being able to maintain a solid relationship with his or her children.

In decades past, mothers often retained custody while the fathers were ordered to pay child support. In many cases, these fathers were not given ample visitation with their children. However, courts now are more likely to recognize the important role fathers play in parenting the children. Even so, many kids still end up living primarily with the mother.

There are a few ways that fathers can protect their parenting rights even if the children will live primarily with the mother. For example, fathers should commit to spending more quality time with their children when they do have visitation. The requests for visitation should also be reasonable. Fathers should focus on the children and what is in the best interests of the children. Finally, fathers who want more time with their children should ensure that they have a place for the children to stay, such as a bedroom.

When couples with children divorce, the parents may find that they suddenly do not get to spend as much time with the children as they want. As a result, custody disputes can become difficult for everyone involved, especially if both parents want primary custody. If a parent is concerned that he or she will not get enough visitation to maintain a strong bond with the children, a child custody attorney may work to negotiate a parenting schedule that benefits everyone involved. Additionally, the attorney may be able to negotiate a fair child support order that meets the children’s needs.