October is domestic violence awareness month

Domestic violence is a serious problem in the United States, just as it is throughout the world. If you or a loved is the victim of domestic violence then you know how destructive these situations can be — particularly because the victims have a difficult time extracting themselves from the situation.

Be reviewing a few statistics for domestic violence in the United States, it’s easy to see just how prevalent this issue is.

Current statistics regarding domestic violence in the United States

Did you know that an abuser assaults or beats a woman every nine seconds in our country? Did you know that 33 percent of women in the United States can tell you a story about being abused or beaten by a sexual partner? Tragically, these statistics are true. In fact, one out of five of these abuse instances can be classified as severe.

In addition to these statistics, one out of every seven women say that someone has stalked them. Even more startling is the fact that national domestic violence hotlines receive 28,000 calls daily.

Not all domestic violence is visible. Victims often keep quiet out of a sense of embarrassment for themselves, and also due to a feeling like the abuse is their fault. Victims commonly want to protect the spouse or romantic partner who is abusing them.

When an abusive spouse inflicts financial abuse on a partner, he or she may might prevent the spouse from leaving via the threat of taking away financial support. Victims of financial control might have a hard time finding employment, getting good credit and affording housing after they leave their abusive spouse.

How can you honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month?

It’s important to bring attention to domestic violence statistics — especially right now — as we approach the month of October, which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Remember: Domestic violence can happen to anyone — regardless of education level, economic status, social class or age group. In fact, someone you know is probably suffering from devastating domestic violence and you may not even be aware of it.

Make sure you’re open to your friends, who might need someone to reach out to regarding their abuse. Also, if you’re suffering from domestic abuse, do not hesitate to tell the people who care about you. When you’re willing and ready to make your life better and be free of domestic abuse, you will be surprised how many people in your community — family law attorneys, coworkers, friends, community members, law enforcement officers, the judicial system, even strangers — will immediately come to your aid.