Things to consider when taking divorce to trial

It is common to try and settle a divorce rather than take it to court. In many cases, settling a divorce will allow the divorce to go faster and allow the parties more say in post-divorce arrangements.

However, it may be more advantageous for you to take your divorce to trial. When you are deciding whether or not to go to trial, as per Forbes Magazine, make sure that you are considering the time and money required for a trial divorce compared to what your desired outcomes are.

Why are trial divorces more expensive?

Trial divorces require you to meet more often with your attorney as compared to settling the divorce. On its own, this will make the trial more expensive. However, with a trial divorce you also must show up for court hearings. You may have to take time off of work to attend these.

Trial divorces also require more time. You will need to wait for the court to have time in its schedule to hear your divorce. Waiting for this can take months, alone.

How can a trial divorce affect the outcome?

A settlement between any two parties having a dispute, whether the dispute is divorce or not, only works if both parties are willing to communicate and compromise. In some cases, ex-spouses are on such bad terms that negotiating is not a possibility.

In this case, you will need to take your divorce to court. Remember that in court you will need to prove to the judge using legal arguments that you should receive what you are asking for. Consulting with a trained attorney is a must.