Tips to make co-parenting successful

New Jersey parents who have gone through a divorce and are now co-parenting know that there are challenges involved. Co-parenting can include a variety of combinations, including two biological parents, one biological parent and another guardian, or adoptive parents. No matter the combination, parents can save energy, time and money on future mediation by keeping in mind the following tips.

When it comes to custody and visitation, the child’s best interests should always be put first. This is something that divorced partners can sometimes fail to recognize. While a divorced person may see their ex-spouse as unreliable or incompetent, the importance of that individual in the child’s life cannot be overstated. Ex-spouses need to put aside negative feelings in order to make visiting the other parent a positive thing for their child. Of course, this does not include parents who are abusive or would harm the child.

It can be helpful when the rules are the same in both households. This does not necessarily mean that specific discipline will be exactly the same, but children know generally what is expected of them. For example, this might include being patient, kind and respectful. This can contribute to a sense of consistency.

In order to reduce frustration, it may be a good idea for co-parents to plan their children’s visitation schedule. This will include where they will spend vacations. It can be easy for a child to forget these details, so it may be helpful for calendars that contain the schedule to be placed in both households. Every party involved will then know the plans ahead of time.

A person who is co-parenting may find it helpful to consult with a family law attorney when drawing up visitation schedules. An attorney may be able to help a co-parent who is dealing with issues related to custody, visitation and other family matters.