What do modern child custody arrangements look like?

Over the years, child custody arrangements have gone through changes. Untraditional arrangements are becoming more popular. Most know that children benefit from an amicable divorce and two parents who can agree together.

A child who has both parents playing an equal role tends to be more stable, explains the Chicago Tribune. New custody arrangements have become more popular than traditional arrangements.

How child custody agreements have changed

In the past, child custody arrangements tended to benefit one parent. In many instances, this was the father. Essentially, the child had one parent who had custody most often and another parent who saw his or her children on the weekends or rotating holidays. While these arrangements still exist, there is no longer a bias against either parent. Mothers and fathers have the same fair treatment when it comes to deciding child custody.

What modern child custody agreements look like

Modern custody agreements do not have one specific look. Modern custody focuses on the needs of the child and the stability of the household. Every family’s schedule is different and every child has different needs. For some families, children spending one week with one parent and the next with the other works great. This is especially helpful when both parents live close to one another.

Another common, modern agreement is to have one home for the children. The children stay in this home full-time, but the parents rotate in and out of the family home. This way, the children can adjust to the divorce without leaving their safe space or changing their routine.