When is it important to hire a child custody lawyer?

For some divorced parents, hiring a child custody lawyer may be an issue that they are apprehensive about. They might feel that they are better off representing themselves. However, for many divorced parents in New Jersey and across the country, there are several circumstances when hiring a child custody lawyer can make all the difference between winning and losing a case.

To begin with, an individual may do well to get a lawyer if they are already at a disadvantage in comparison to their ex. This disadvantage may be that their ex already has a child custody lawyer, putting them in the proverbial lead. Alternatively, the disadvantage could be that the court looks at the ex in a more favorable light, something that happens when the court mandates that an individual take some sort of parenting classes or anger management workshop. The same goes if a court requires someone to undergo alcohol or drug treatment.

Another case when it is important to have an attorney present is when the case itself becomes complicated. This can happen due to a number of things, including either partner changing their mind on what they want or their situation changing drastically. For example, should someone decide to relocate or remarry, they might want to seek professional help. Also, if the case crosses jurisdictions, which happens when the divorcees live in different states, the case can become more complicated.

Getting a lawyer matters the most when it involves the children. For instance, if an individual’s ex is trying to bar them from seeing their children, then they may want to reach out to a professional. Above all, if someone believes that their ex poses a danger to their kids, they should act swiftly as time is of the essence.

Each divorced parent makes their own decisions based on their circumstances. Nevertheless, in the event of deciding to resort to legal counsel, parents might gain the most by reaching out to experienced child custody lawyers who have seen similar cases before and may be able to apply their knowledge to the case at hand.