Family Law Arbitration Attorney

In lieu of litigation, arbitration is a less formal and more expeditious process to resolve disputes and does not require a hearing or trial in a courtroom. A voluntary process, arbitration provides a forum where parties agree to submit part or all of their dispute to a decision-maker known as an arbitrator. Unlike a trial, the parties and the arbitrator control the issues submitted, the manner in which the arbitration will be conducted, and declare whether the decision will be binding and final, or nonbinding.

Frank LaRocca is a qualified arbitrator and has experience arbitrating complex financial and custody matters. In addition, lawyers at our firm represent clients in arbitration hearings before other arbitrators in New Jersey.

We welcome inquiries from individuals and other law firms concerning family law arbitration cases.

Why Choose Arbitration To Resolve A Family Law Dispute?

In arbitration, the parties to a family law dispute and their attorneys appear before an arbitrator. The arbitrator performs the same duties as a regular judge and is experienced and highly knowledgeable concerning New Jersey family law. The arbitrator will hear testimony and review evidence in a private venue, before issuing a ruling on the case.

Some of the advantages of arbitration include the following:

Confidentiality — A private judge will hear your case in a private setting, not a public courtroom. Everything said in the proceeding will remain confidential, along with documents specifying child custody and child support.

Convenience in scheduling — You are not bound by the crowded family court schedules in New Jersey. You will have much greater flexibility in scheduling your hearings.

Lower costs — Generally speaking, your legal costs will be lower using arbitration rather than standard litigation.

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