Third-Party Custody And Grandparent Rights

At LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Crupi, LLC, in Freehold, New Jersey, we receive many inquiries from grandparents and other relatives. They wish to know if they can obtain child visitation rights.

We regret to say that in these cases, the court’s standard is very high. A grandparent or third party seeking child visitation rights must show by a preponderance of the evidence that such visitation time is necessary to avoid harm to the child.

At LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Crupi, LLC, we represent grandparents and third parties seeking visitation rights, as well as parents seeking to prevent unwelcome contact between their children and other relatives.

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Although grandparents or third parties have a high hurdle to clear to obtain visitation rights, it is not impossible, depending on circumstances. New Jersey courts are certainly willing to hear such cases and they give them careful consideration.

However, unlike parental custody and visitation cases, the standard used by the court is not the “best interest” of the child. Instead the burden is on the grandparent, sibling or other relative to show that harm will come to the child if he or she is denied contact with the petitioner.

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