Modifications And Terminations Of Family Law Orders

With the issuance of a divorce decree, the judge will also issue orders regarding child custody, visitation rights, and the payment of child support and alimony. These orders will stay in place until the court issues new orders. This means that you can seek to modify an order, either through a consent agreement with the other party or by a court order.

At LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Crupi, LLC, in Freehold, New Jersey, we frequently help people modify and terminate family law orders. In most cases, we can do so in a timely and efficient manner, for a reasonable fee. Some modification matters may require more extensive legal efforts, and we can advise you regarding your options.

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Modifying And Terminating Family Law Orders In New Jersey

Our lawyers can assist you in these matters:

Modifying child support — When a significant change in circumstances occurs such as a change in a parent’s income or change in vocation, you can seek to obtain a change in the child support amount. The court will base its decision in part on whether the change is permanent or temporary. You may also be able to obtain a cost of living adjustment.

Custody modifications — Let’s say a parent’s work shift has changed, or the parent must now travel more often for work purposes. In those cases, we may be able to negotiate an agreement with the other parent in the custody arrangement or visitation schedule. However, if the other parent refuses consent or a parent wishes to relocate the child to a distant location, litigation may result. We will vigorously represent you.

Terminating child support and alimony — Regarding child support, there is no fixed age when this can stop. It could be at age 18, after the child completes college or on some other date. We can go to court seeking an emancipation order that would terminate child support. We can also oppose an emancipation petition. In some cases, the order itself will state a date on which the payment of child support or alimony will stop.

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