Rights Of Unmarried Couples

At LaRocca Hornik Rosen Greenberg & Crupi, LLC, we advise and represent unmarried people in matters involving:

  • Child support
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Palimony
  • Cohabitation agreements or domestic partnership agreements
  • Dissolution of domestic partnerships
  • Contested paternity
  • Property rights of unmarried couples

We serve clients throughout central New Jersey (including Monmouth County, Ocean County and Middlesex County) from offices in Freehold and Red Bank.

The Rights And Responsibilities Of Unmarried Fathers

Unmarried parents have responsibilities. They may or may not have certain rights. For example, an unmarried father may be required for paying child support, but he does not necessarily have custody or visitation rights. He may be able to obtain those rights, but only through a court order.

Whether you are an unmarried father seeking visitation rights, a mother seeking to retain sole custody rights or a mother seeking child support from the father of your child, we can help you.

Contested Paternity Cases

Our lawyers represent fathers and mothers in contested paternity matters. We are highly knowledgeable regarding paternity test protocols and the legal and financial aspects of these cases. We will work diligently to protect your rights.

Is A Cohabitation Agreement Right For You?

A cohabitation agreement is much like a prenuptial agreement. It can specify each partner’s responsibilities and rights, should the relationship dissolve. As such it can remove much uncertainty and serve to strengthen a relationship. An attorney at our firm can draft or review a cohabitation agreement for a reasonable fee.

Note that a cohabitation agreement or domestic agreement does not confer the same rights to the partners that a marriage does. We can explain the differences and recommend your best course of action. If you are a party to an existing domestic partnership agreement and wish to dissolve it, LHRG&P can represent you.

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